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Why Invest In Personal or Professional Coaching?

Studies have shown that professional coaching typically returns anywhere from $4 to $8 per dollar invested. As a result, coaching initiatives have become a world-wide standard development tool for both current and up-and-coming talent in organizations of all sizes.

Professional coaches often work with those looking to enhance engagement, influence, professional skills, perspective, productivity, and/or position. Clients may be at the beginning of their career, mid-way through or towards the end of their careers, looking for a change or a way to transition to the next phase of life.


General differences between coaching and other forms of assistance.

A Professional Coach is a partner, there to ask focused questions and provide clarity and insight to help you towards goal attainment.

A Consultant is an expert who provides specific direction and guidance.

A Mentor is someone inside or outside the organization who has personal experience and can give informal advice.

A Trainer is someone who provides general training on a specific subject.


Lisa Lynn Consulting's professional coaching services are custom designed for each client and may include a variety of tools such as a work style assessment, an energy assessment, a communication assessment, a 360 performance questionnaire, one-on-one coaching, telephone coaching, and shadow coaching depending on your specific needs and expectations. The duration of coaching services can be one session to as many sessions as you need to accomplish your goals.


Coaching Investment:  Coaching fees are dependent upon services provided.