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Client Rights & Responsibilities

As a client, you have certain rights and responsibilities. Being aware of them will help you receive optimum service and will better enable you to correct potential problems.



You have a right to DIGNITY.  You have a right to the same consideration and treatment as anyone, regardless of your sex, race, religion, color, economic status, age, sexual preference or beliefs.

You have a right to QUALITY SERVICE. We will make every effort to provide you with considerate and respectful care. We are interested in your feedback. Our goal is to serve you in the most helpful way possible.

You have a right to RESPECT. Your privacy will be respected at all times. If you have concerns about your privacy being invaded, discuss this frankly with your consultant. Respect for life requires that we warn others if learning of potential life threatening situations.

You have the right to PRIVACY. We do not have the right to share any information about you without your written permission except in the following cases:

  • An organization is paying for our work with you. This organization has the right to certain information, typically in summary form.
  • Your records are court ordered.
  • There is suspicion of child abuse or vulnerable adult abuse.
  • You are a minor in which case your parents have access to your records. You may request in writing that they not have access. Your consultant will discuss exceptions of this.
  • Staff consultation and supervision with other personnel at Lisa Lynn Consulting.
  • In case of emergency - will call police or family member.
  • Information will be shared between Lisa Lynn Consulting staff members when necessary to provide quality service.

You have the right to UNDERSTAND. You have the right to know the extent of your situation, the recommended coaching, who will provide coaching, it's cost and expected length. Ask your consultant if any of these are unclear.

You have the right to REFUSE SERVICES. If you disagree with your consultants' recommendations, bring it to his/her attention so you can discuss the conflict.

You have the right to INFORMATION. Upon written request, you may review the contents of your file within five working days of your request. This must be done in the presence of a staff person. Copies of your file will be provided upon request.

You have the right to VOICE DISSATISFACTION and to CHALLENGE the accuracy of anything in your record and to insert your own explanation of any objection in the record. A grievance procedure is available as a means of dealing with complaints. You may file the complaint with the Department of Human Services if the grievance is not resolved to mutual satisfaction.

You have a right to DATA PRIVACY. Data collected will be used to determine the need for coaching, appropriateness of services provided, and the planning of services for you.

You may refuse to give data but a minimum will be required before we may provide services.

  • data collected is shared with any other agency or unit of government in a fashion in which you could be identified.
  • You may challenge the accuracy of data in your file and if a discrepancy exists, you may submit your version, which will become a permanent part of your file.
  • If you are a minor, you have the right to request that data about you is kept from your parents.
  • If you have any questions or problems about data privacy, please contact Lisa Lynn.


You have a right to SAFETY. You have the right to be in a safe environment, and free from physical, emotional or sexual abuse or harassment. If you find yourself in an unsafe environment, you have a right to request, and the firm has an obligation to assist you in creating an effective abuse prevention plan. 

Every client shall have the right to expect REASONABLE CONTINUITY OF SERVICES.               

Every client has the right to be INFORMED if there will be a change in the consulting staff responsible for his/her care, or any transfer of the client within or referral to an outside program. In addition, every client has a right to be informed of the reasons for such a change.

 Every client has the right to expect that if a scheduled appointment cannot be kept, the client will be advised as soon as possible.

 Every client has a right to expect that all staff will adhere to the professional code of ethics and standards of conduct for their respective disciplines. If there is any question of violation of client rights, the client is entitled to a full investigation and knowledge of the outcome of that investigation.

All clients have the right to be informed of:

  • the nature and objectives of the services and/or meeting,
  • the probable uses of services provided and information obtained,
  • the limits of my confidentiality,
  • the potential risks/benefits of participating,
  • who will have access to the information gathered,
  • my professional qualifications,
  • the likely duration of the relationship,
  • their right to decline participating or to withdraw from the relationship once participation has begun,
  • and whom they can contact if they have any questions.
  • Possible changes to be expected from consulting services.
  • Approximate length, cost and outcomes.
  • Staff rights and responsibilities.


  • Along with your rights go certain responsibilities. In the long run, your growth is your responsibility. You must be responsible:
    • To be HONEST, open and willing to share your concerns.
    • To ASK QUESTIONS when you don't understand or need clarification.
    • To FOLLOW THE WORK PLAN. You should discuss any reservations you may have with your consultant.
    • To REPORT CHANGES or unexpected happenings as related to your needs.
    • To KEEP APPOINTMENTS whenever possible and to call and cancel otherwise.
    • To PAY YOUR FEES at the time designated within the contract unless other arrangements have been made. 


Before you give me any information about yourself or your situation, I must explain how this information will be used. We are interested only in information pertaining to your situation. This data will be used to provide you with the optimum service(s). General demographic data (excluding your name) is used for agency statistics and numbers of clients served, problem areas addressed and outcome success. You have the right to refuse to give information about yourself, but we will need a minimum amount in order to help you. This includes information about your situation, past coaching, etc. What you say will be private but it could be reviewed by officials involved with this program. In certain instances, the law requires we break privacy. Specific situations are explained in the Client Rights and Responsibilities form. If you have any questions please discuss them with the staff person who works with you.

The following applies if the person is a minor:

If you are a minor, you have the right to request that data about you will be kept from your parents. This request should be in writing and explain both the reasons for withholding data from your parents and show that you understand the consequences of doing so. In a few cases, the law permits us to withhold data from your parents without a request from you, if the data concerns the treatment of drug abuse or venereal disease or if you are married. If you have any questions about this, ask the staff person who works with you.